About Us

Abysmal Productions is the dream of the Abysmal Witch and her compatriots.

We dream of public events where anyone and everyone can gather to celebrate the changing of the seasons through the lens of faeryland and woodland creatures.

We believe in inclusiveness, respect and consent.  These are pagan flavoured events (based in celebrations of the earth itself and the magick inherent in the constant cycles of the earth).  Any and all are welcome to attend, regardless of background, so long as the above principles are embraced.

We also stringently believe in fun and play and the absolute wonder of enjoying hours outside of mundane reality.  And so we dress as faeries, we dress as creatures, we mutually create a fantastical environment for all of us to revel in.  And then we play in it.  We play games and have bardics, enjoy performers and eat great food.

We revel in the now, together, and thereby make it all the greater.  Come out and play with us!