Mabon & The Wild Hunt


The seasons change.  As I type this I am reminded of the fundamental truth of this on all levels.  And so….

Abysmal Productions is proud to present:

Mabon & the Wild Hunt

Date:  September 17, 2016 (to September 18, 2016)
Time:  2 pm (Sep 17) – Noon (Sep 18)  [Overnighting is optional!]
LocationCoyote Creek Campground (Langley)
Cost:  $20/adult in advance; $30 on-site (if any are available – check beforehand!).  Total available number of tickets = 40.
Included:  Roast beast and select foods (a cross between catered and potluck, i.e. not a fully catered event, see “Bring”), a Wild Hunt, games, ritual, bardic and enjoyment.
Bring:  drinking vessel, mess kit (i.e. plate, cutlery, etc.), a food item (optional but encouraged) to share with all at the feast, an entertainment piece for the bardic, a drum for around the fire, camping gear if you plan to stay the night. You will want to bring your own water (there is no potable water or electricity on site).  See below for more details on most of these.
Dress Code:  Woodland creature motifs are recommended due to the theme but of course faeries are also welcome.  No regular or “street” clothes.  Dress for a faery & woodland creature hunt.
Pre-Read the Ritual:  Mabon’s Ritual
Read the rules:
Check out the Guidelines:
How to get tickets:
Questions?  Contact the Manager of Shenanigans

The next turning of the wheel brings us to Mabon, the Autumn Equinox.  Light and dark are temporarily and unstably balanced for a brief moment.  The last moments of the Summer Court will give way to the rising of the Holly Prince to Holly King and the release of the Oak King from service.  And the Winter Court will be called into being.

Come!  And be part of the festivities, part of the experience, part of the Woodland Court.

To honour the Holly King and the season, there will be a community feast and Wild Hunt in the woods.  We will supply the beast and a few other main dishes yet we invite any and all of you to bring a dish to share with everyone, a gift to the community.  And if you were to bring your item in a serving dish suitable to the event (i.e. not in plastic containers from the store) we could create a visual feast as well.

Wear your wings if you wish, of course, yet this is a time for the wild ones to come out, to greet the Winter Court’s king.  A time when ears and tails, hooves and horns are visible on the outside.

We will have games of strength, stamina, dexterity and mirth.

After dark, when the fire is blazing, we shall gather around and share tales and sing songs.

And there will be a Wild Hunt.  We cannot say when, for how could we pin down the wild ones to a time?  But we suspect it will be before full night falls.  But we have been known to be wrong, every once and again.