Court Rules & Guidelines

Woodland Court Rules

To create as authentic, rich and engaged environment as possible, the following rules will be in effect.  Anyone violating the rules will be removed from the event by our Faery Goon Squad.

  1. No electronics shall be used or even visible within the Court (i.e. inside the pavilion).  Cell phones should be off or on vibrate and calls, if necessary, made or taken outside.
  2. During ritual, during the Royal Performances and anytime the Master of Ceremonies or any Court Official calls for quiet, all members of the court will be respectfully quiet and pay attention.
  3. Suitable woodland or faery attire for Court is MANDATORY.  No costume, no admittance.
  4. Tickets must be purchased in advance.  Tickets will NOT be available at the door.
  5. Don’t be an asshole.

Woodland Court Guidelines

(And various useful things to note)

  • Attendees must be 19 years or older
  • Your invitation will be mailed to the address you provide when purchasing your ticket.  Because a Ball is much more of a Ball when you have a formal, printed invitation to present when you arrive.
  • Event doors will be CLOSED between 6:45 and 8 pm for the ritual.  There will be no admittance during that time.  Note:  while ritual will not begin until 7 pm, the doors will be closing 15 minutes early to ensure that everyone who has come through the doors has an opportunity to get in and settled before ritual starts so that there is no disruption during the ritual itself.  (There is a chance the doors will open slightly sooner as ritual time is variably, but we cannot guarantee it.)
  • Dress is woodland creature or faery, preferably dress suitable for Court and a Ball.  Medieval dress is welcome though we do encourage the adding of wings, leaves or other accoutrement to give a sense of the woods or the fae.
  • Feel free to come for the Ritual only, the Ball only or both.
  • Washrooms are gender neutral, there are two of them and decently sized
  • Appetizers will be served and available from the opening of the doors (5:45 pm) until closing (midnight).  There will be food for carnivores, herbivores, gluten free, and dairy free creatures and faeries.
  • There will be a cash bar with beer, coolers and wine; alcohol drinks will be $3 each, non-alcoholic will be $1.  The bar will open with the doors at 5:45.  It will be closed during the ritual, approximately from 7-8 pm.  Last call will be at 11 pm.
  • Everyone is welcome to bring your own goblet, chalice or drinking horn (i.e. drinking vessel that is also suitably dressed for the event) for use at the bar, for water or coffee/tea.
  • Coat check is free.  Tips are always welcome.
  • The Court will be called to Ritual at 7 pm and is expected to run until approximately 8 pm.  Respectful witnessing is required of all members of the Court.  No one will be required to do anything they find uncomfortable.
  • From 6:10-6:30 will be a Ritual Orientation opportunity.  If you’re curious about what the ritual is about, come and talk to one of our ritualists and get all your questions answered.
  • Our Dance Master will be teaching us traditionally based court dances from 6:30-7:00 pm in preparation for the dancing that will close the Ritual and begin the Ball.  If you’re at the ritual, expect to be dancing!  It’s part of the fun, after all.
  • The Photo Booth will be open  at 5:45.  It will be closed during the ritual, approximately 7-8 pm and periodically throughout the evening to give the Faery Photographer breaks.  Last call will be at 11 pm.  Get your beautiful self/selves photographed by an accomplished camerawoman!
  • Bring your own flash drive and you can take your photo with you right then and there.
  • There will be a photographer taking candid photos of the event that will be posted at  By coming to the event, you are agreeing to the possibility of your photo being taken.
  • There will be a Goblin Market open from 5:45-7, 8-9 and from 10-11. At the Gobin market we will satisfy all your curio needs. Come find magical faery items, drums, treasures of the earth and things that must not be named.
  • There will be a drum circle after 11 pm until closing at the stroke of midnight.  Bring your own drum!  Or buy one at the Goblin Market. We strongly recommend that you mark your drum as yours in some manner to make sure that it’s your drum that goes home with you.
  • The Royal Performances will take place between 9 and 10 pm, during which we will ask all of the court to pay rapt and quiet attention to the glory of the performers showcasing their skills.
  • There will be awards for the best dressed attendees.
  • Check out our event schedule to see all of this laid out in a more linear and time focused fashion.
  • At the stroke of midnight the Court will end.  Anyone lingering will be put to work so that we are all off site by 1 a.m.

Things to Bring (required)

  • Your ticket (though if you do lose it, we have a backup plan)
  • Your wonderful self in a wonderful woodland themed or faery themed costume.  Wings, tails, ears, court finery of all and any kind.

Things to Bring (if you desire)

  • Cash for tipping and shopping and drinking, oh my
  • Goblet/chalice/drinking horn for your drinks (consider marking it as yours, just in case there happen to be two the same)
  • Drum for drum circle (ditto on the marking it as yours)
  • Flash drive for your Photo Booth pic