Faeryland Food

I know we have all been warned of eating food in Faeryland, yet, as we will be the faeries and magical creatures, the food will be safe for *us*.

Safe does not mean boring, however.  Or predictable.  Faeries are so often tricksy resulting in faery magic, treats, and surprises materializing when you least expect it, for your enjoyment.

There is planned fare, first, for the more adventurous:
Ahi tuna
Smoked salmon rolls
Tomato bocconcini treats
An assortment of brochettes
Bite-size Caesar and balsamic salads

There will of course be all the standard fair:
Meat and Cheese trays
Vegetable platters
Fruit trays
Chips and salsa
A variety of dips
Hummus and pita

Desert assortments for the sweet toothed inclined.

Gluten free, vegetarians and vegans will be able to eat as well as those without such considerations.