Goblin Market Vendors

Oh the wondrous things that will be available to you in exchange for coin of the mundane realm!

The Goblin Market will be open except during ritual (6:45~8:00) and during the Royal Performances (9-10:00) and I suspect will close at 11:00.

Bring that coin (or plastic) so that you can go home with something from one of these amazing artists and curators.  I say curators because those who haven’t made the products themselves have spent their time and effort finding items that would be of particular interest to faeries and other woodland folk.  Check them out:

Walk Through the Clockwork Door to worlds beyond the horizon, where you will find evocative jewelry inspired by history, fantasy, & times which never were. http://throughtheclockworkdoor.blogspot.ca/

Melissa Mary Duncan:  My inspiration comes from only one source. When I draw or paint the subject may be sparked from a Celtic legend, a tale from the Brother’s Grimm, the lyric from an ancient ballad or the melody of a carol but the finished painting and whatever the viewer finds in it comes from the heart.

Lilly Fay from Infinite Heart:  Mead has long since known to be the drink of the gods. Made from organic ingredients with no chemical additives.  There will also be a limited selection of non-alcoholic melomels available.  Mead is a delicious wine alternative. NOTE:  drinking of this mead will not be allowed on site due to our licensing requirements but she will hold the bottles for you for your convenience or you can take them straight away.

Rachelle Adamchuk’s Mixed Media paintings are inspired by books, films, childhood, the steampunk universe, the supernatural, a fantastically wild imagination.
http://rachelleadamchuk.shawwebspace.ca/ and https://m.facebook.com/AlkymiyaGallery

Phoenix Rising Metaphysical Emporium.  The Emporium will be bringing crystals and gems, drums and curios.  A veritable cornucopia of intriguing and entrancing delectables will be available for you to take home with you.

Blooming Mad uses essential oils and natural ingredients to create soaps, spritzes, anointing oils and lip balms for the purposes of personal empowerment.

Alys’ Wonderland featuring Csinyos Creations will have some of their amazing corset work and clothing present at the event.  We also recommend them as a great place to find your clothing for the Ball!.

We wish we had more room for all of the wonderful artists that we know.  Perhaps next year?  If you are interested in vending at a future Abysmal Production event, please contact Violet at abysmalwitch@gmail.com.