The Queen of the Changing Seasons has stolen away the following humans and fae for the King’s Court’s enjoyment.  For one night only you can enjoy all the wonders brought to us by these folk, listed in almost no particular order.

Betsy Tinney 
Because everything really is better with cello.  As will our night of revelries be.
Betsy Tinney, recipient of the 2012 Pegasus Award for Best Performer, is a Northwest cellist known both for her graceful musicality and her broad versatility. She has performed and recorded with many different groups, from solo acoustic performers to large rock bands; her contributions to each are unique and, as she explains, “whatever the song wants.” Betsy also performs solo, using a combination of acoustic cello and electronic looper that creates an interwoven tapestry of sound. Her solo cello work has been called “captivating,” “mesmerizing,” and “a rich texture for the ear, reminiscent of dark chocolate and fine red wine.” 

Professor Douglas Fraser
Professor Douglas Fraser dispensing, with great authenticity, the vintage jazz, ragtime and blues that titillated the clientele of smoky backwater saloons, dens of iniquity, Chicago taprooms, New York gin mills, West Coast speakeasies and sultry Louisiana cabarets. Featuring a voice and musical style that brings it all to life. 

His performance delivers a narrated musical tour of songs and stories from the late 1800s to 1940.

Douglas Fraser is the author of the book “Early Entertainment -The evolution of show business in North America”.

Amanda’s Alchemy
Amandas Alchemy bears the name of our Muse and Inspiration, Amanda Kendal, who passed to the next life December 17, 2011. We are sisters with a love for history, music, beauty, and harmony.

Nancy and Julie grew up singing, and were first exposed to traditional English folk music in the mid-80s. Julie began playing guitar when she was eleven in elementary school, and Nancy the drum shortly thereafter (likely so she could compete in volume). An appreciation of history (and handsome young men in tights) led them naturally into the Society for Creative Anachronism, where bardic fires and competitions honed both talent and stage presence. Their shared repertoire contains an odd mix of war, drinking and the ever-present tragic love songs, performed in what has become a signature, winding harmonic style. In 2015 they were joined by talented singer and multi-instrumentalist Freya, and are looking forward to impressing and intriguing audiences as their sound continues to develop.

Devon Boorman & Academie Duello
Academie Duello will be helping us make the ritual more authentic and liven up our ball with the beauty of sword play.  In their own words:  “My name is Devon Boorman and I’m the owner of Academie Duello. We’re proud to be the world’s largest school of Western swordplay, based here in Vancouver. We’re devoted to teaching the traditional martial practices of Europe while incorporating modern sport science in one of the most unique fitness and socially rewarding experiences you’ll ever have.”

Ty Fawks & Delilah Diabolic
An independent performer, Delilah debuted on the Vancouver burlesque scene in April of 2011, at the Celebrities Night Club. Since then she has danced at Sin City, ‘It’s a German Sparkle Party’ Party hosted by Tracy Cake, Beerlesque II, Glasscity Collective events and numerous other venues.

Ty Fawks is a fire dancer extraordinaire.  While we won’t be able to enjoy the full flame effect (indoor safety requirements), we will have the opportunity to experience the grace and beauty he brings to moving with fire [cough LED cough].  Together they will gift us a performance we won’t soon forget.

Georgina Daniels
A beautiful and talented bellydancer, Georgina brings to us a strong background in Raks Sharki with well over ten years experience.  She has performed across the Lower Mainland, both solo and with her troupe.  We are thrilled to have her performing for us at the Ball!

B & B
Bill and Brian, both accomplished musicians in a variety of instruments and styles, will be providing the music and the instruction for our Formal Court Dances.  Watch and you will see that they are sneakily re-appearing throughout the night, supporting some of our movement performers in the creation of their artistry.

Tam and Janus
A local celtic, folk duo.  Those in our immediate community are familiar with the joyful tunes these two produce together.  For those who don’t know them, it will be our joy to introduce you.