The purpose and joy of our events is to bring people together to celebrate the changing of the seasons by exploring the rise and fall of the Oak King and Holly Kings in their annual cycles.

It isn’t enough for us to present you with a show.  This isn’t a show.  This is a co-created event.  Which means that each participant is an integral part of the event.

By following the dress code, each participant adds to the ambience of the event.  Which is part of the intensity and fun of it all.  It is very different to be in a space filled with people in whimsical dress and faery wings and woodland creature face painting than it is to be in a space with a few such people and the rest in jeans and t-shirts.

By all of us respecting the rules of the event and honouring each other, we create a safe environment for all of us to enjoy time with people who are just as odd or enjoying of the odd as we are.

Many of the people who make the event happen are volunteers.  They have willingly offered up their time, their equipment and their services in order to give everyone the experience.  Which is why we are able to keep the costs of our events as low as possible.  We balance between making events affordable and accessible and a rich delight for the senses at the same time.  At ticketed events this also means that the more tickets sold, the more entertainment we can give to you.

Coming together in ritual, is a powerful connection of self to community and self to the land.  By truly embracing the moment and allowing the shadows of daily modern life to slough off, we enter a different world.  We can taste and smell and hear a little beyond the veil of the mundane into the land of faery, the land of mysticism that lies on just the other side of the rainbow.

If you feel an inspiration to contribute to a particular event, feel free to contact the Manger of Shenanigans who will determine if what you’re thinking of will align with the rest of the event.

These events happen because you come and you honour us with your time, your effort and your presence.  Together we can make extraordinary memories.