Dogs are welcome at the event ONLY IF they are well trained, responsible dogs.  If your dog does not handle strangers or other dogs well, do NOT bring them.  They are required to abide by the same rules of respect as the adults.  Expect to have your dog on a leash the whole time.  We will allow off leash if it makes sense and the individual dog off leash behaves and if there is more than one, that they deal well as a group of dogs off leash.  If your dog does not respond well to your commands, do not bring them.  If a dog becomes disruptive to the event and the owner is unable to rectify it, the owner and the dog will need to leave.

We have not addressed other animals in attendance because we’ve never had the question come up.  That being said, if you want to bring another type of animal, the same rules would apply though we ask that you contact us in advance for approval.