No Electronics

We all love to have photos of ourselves in all our dressed up wonder.  As a society we are used to being plugged in all the time, to sharing with the world our experience as they happen.

In mundane life this works well.  But when we work to travel a little outside of normal time, a little outside of normal space, these tendencies do not serve us.  They become distractions from the now and in the now is when all of our living takes place.  It is where our magic takes place.  It is where the event takes place.

Thus, we have a no camera/no cell phone rule in place pretty much all of the time.  To balance that we have photographers at our events.  (If you enjoy photography and are good at it and interested in volunteering to take event pictures, please contact the Manager of Shenanigans at

We understand that not everyone can unplug even for a few hours due to family and work constraints.  If that is the case for you, take your phone away from the main part of the event to take your calls.

This is part of the co-creation of the event, part of the making of an atmosphere of wonder.  Resist the urge, I beg of you.