Respect Required

Respect is a corner stone of what we do.  By respecting the event, the ritual, the participants and the land we are on, we guarantee an enjoyable and worthwhile event for everyone.

Respecting the event means paying attention to the guidelines and expectations of all of our events as well as the particular event itself.  We like to have dress codes.  Why?  Because by doing so we create an immersive environment for all of us to enjoy.  It also invites effort from each of us and frankly the more effort each of us puts into it, the better again the event becomes.

Respecting the ritual means paying attention to it.  Be an attentive and interested participant.  Ritual gains its energy and its worth from our engagement with it.  The more we focus together on a single intention, the better it is.  If asked to be quiet and pay attention, do so.  If you do not want to engage in the ritual, join in the event once the ritual is over and/or remove yourself from the area during the ritual.  If you do so, we still expect you to respect the ritual (which means staying quiet and non-distracting).  If you ever have questions about the ritual, ask the King or Queen or one of the organizers, we will be happy to help you with it.  In general, the rituals are relatively simple and focus on the King’s Cycle in nature.

Respecting the participants means showing respect for everyone there.  Volunteers, performers, ritualists, other participants.  We have a policy of friendliness (all genders, all orientations, all beliefs, etc.) as long as everyone shows respect to everyone else.  We gather together for joy and for purpose and woe betides to anyone who deliberately messes with that (we do have a Groot Squad, and we’re not afraid to use them.)

Respecting the land we are on means that we are conscious of how we use the space.  We clean up after ourselves, leaving the site as clean or cleaner than when we arrived.  We believe in minimizing the garbage as much as possible from events.  We are working ritual to connect with the land and the forces of nature around us and thus we pay attention to and give love back to the land we are on.

In the past we have stated this rule as “don’t be an asshole” but aside from the negative nature of the wording we do not care for it as it fails to capture what we really want.  An event where each of us is supportive to each other and to what happens at the event.  We are a community event.