The Money Part

Event costs are not minimal, particularly when we do them the way we like to which is with live performers, interactive games, supplied food, in gorgeous locations.

By having volunteers who willingly support the events at reduced or no cost for many of the basic requirements of the event, we are able to keep the costs relatively low.  That being said, it does cost.

Our first official event (Ostara in the Woodland Court 2016) was done to the extent that the Manager of Shenanigans loves to do.  In order to sustain such levels of entertainment, our prices may need to go up and/or more attendees.

To keep this workable for everyone we will start with the basic event framework and once our attendance levels are high enough to afford more entertainment, we will add more in, if there is enough time before the event to do so.

Which is to say that if everyone buys tickets (to the events that require tickets) at the last minute we will have less entertainment available to you.

Give us the gift of early registration and we give the gift of an event that goes forward and one that will have more richness with every additional person added.