Litha Garden Party

Storytelling at the Faery Garden Party
Storytelling at the Faery Garden Party

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Information from the 2016 Litha Garden Party:

The Oak King’s Litha Garden Party!

Date:  Sunday, June 26th
Time:  2 pm to 5 pm
Location:  Warner Loat Park in Burnaby
Cost:  $10/adult, children (with guardian) and dogs are free
Bring (all optional):  drinking vessel, picnic games to share, your own snacks, theme appropriate seating, drum, picnic games to share with others, an entertainment piece for the King and Queen (there are prizes.  See below for more details on most of these.
Dress Code:  White, light or bright colours, no dark, absolutely no black.  Faery or woodland creatures.
Pre-Read the Ritual:
Read the rules:
Check out the Guidelines:
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How to Register:

Read more below on who should come, food and drink, more on the dress code, what will happen at the event, the invitation to prepare an entertainment offering for the King & Queen as well as some expansion on the list of what to bring:

Who should come?

Anyone who wants to get dressed up as a faery or woodland creature and celebrate the height of summer with a number of like-minded people.

As always, this is a friendly event (we welcome all genders, all races [though technically there is only one, human], all orientations, etc.) where the primary rule is:  Show Respect.  Those failing to show respect to the other people at the event or to the event itself will be removed.

Children are welcome at this event so long as they also follow the rules and that the parents recognize that we will not have child-minding at the event.  We are rather like an amusement park in that way, where the entertainment is provided but we do not supervise the children.

Dogs are also welcome at the event SO LONG AS they also show respect to the event and the fellow participants.  We wouldn’t want to, but if there is a problem, the dog and owner will be removed.

Food and Drink:

The Holly Prince is delighted to be bringing teas and drinks (non-alcoholic) to share with the Summer Court members.

Food will not be supplied (as part of keeping the cost down and the organization easy for this year).  Please bring your own snacks/food to enjoy.

More on the Dress Code:

This is a faery garden party.  Dress is what one would expect to wear to an Oak King’s formal garden party, in other words, please look your faery or woodland best for an afternoon of sitting, strolling, sipping, playing, enjoying and socializing in the company of faery royalty.  Or if you’re planning to romp, then perhaps take down the quality of dress, but stay just as woodland creature and far as ever!  There are a few particular requirements:

  • white, light, or bright colours;
  • black or anything that looks black or even dark is NOT allowed;
  • no casual wear such as jeans as t-shirts
  • weather appropriate clothes

The Purpose of the Event (in longer prose)

Now why are we doing this?  Because at Summer Solstice the Oak King is at the height of his power.  The sun stays long in the sky, the heat rains down upon us, there will be no higher or greater point in the year for the Sun.  And in this moment of intense light, we remember the darkness.  We re-awaken and honour the darkness and so draw into our midst the Holly Prince (who was once the Oak King), who will take up the King’s Crown at Mabon, the Autumn Equinox.  This is why we need everyone to NOT wear black (see above).  Read more about the ritual specifics here.

Event Happenings

Now, what will happen at the event?  This year we expect it to be rather simple.  At Ostara it was my joy and privilege to put on my dream event, with everything arranged just the way I wanted it.  Sadly I cannot afford to always do so without guaranteed funding. With the limited time frame I have decided to keep this simple this year and are charging for only the site fee and to support the Holly Prince’s desire to make cool beverages for everyone.  This means that entertainment will be up to you!

We will have croquet and kamikaze badminton and we hope a crazy butterfly like game.  If you have picnic park games to share with others that you want to bring, marvellous!  Contact the Manager of Shenanigans to let her know what you’re planning on.

Court Performances (this means you!)

The Oak King and the Queen of the Changing Seasons wish to enjoy the amazing talents of the people of the Court.  Come and bring your stories, your songs, your instruments and skills and entertain us and the Court with your skills (in process or in glory).  There will be a prize for the most loved performance.  Children are welcome to perform if they so desire.  Performances will begin at ~4:00 pm.


Please bring:

  • yourself in your summer daytime courtly best
  • a teacup, mug, horn, or goblet to drink from
  • a chair if you need to sit in on (if possible, we ask that the chairs be decorated or covered with fabric or be more interesting than a camp chair in order to add to the flavour of the event); NOTE:  (some) thin blankets to sit on will be provided (the ones with pictures/designs on them that are found at Wreck Beach and that were used as hangings at Ostara)
  • a fan if you tend to get hot and the weather is good
  • a drum (we can’t guarantee a drum circle, but the Queen does love them so there will likely be one towards the end of the event)