Litha Ritual

The ritual begins upon your arrival.

[tl;dr:  ignore the man in black until the time of the ritual, ~2:30, when we shall formally acknowledge his presence.  Everyone will acknowledge either then or later at their own time.]

Summer solstice is the time when the Oak King’s power is the greatest.  The sun is at its zenith and all of life is bursting forth.

Within all light there is the beginning of darkness.  Within all darkness there is the beginning of light.

On this day, as we are sunk most deeply into the revels of the Summer Court, it is also our time to remember and honour the beginning of the return of the darkness.  For each day forward from this one shall be shorter, the darkness gaining more sway even as the Oak King matures through the end of his reign.

And so we wear all light and bright colour clothes, because we are part of the Summer Court.

There will be one in black.  Our Holly Prince.  He remains unseen to us, even though he is present.  So we shall not acknowledge him.  We shall not speak or even note with our eyes that he is there.

When the Queen deems it time (~2:30), we shall gather formally to remember and welcome back in the soothing coolness of darkness into our lives.  The Queen and the King shall acknowledge the darkness and thus welcome into the Court the Holly Prince.  From there, each member of the court will have the opportunity to have their own moment to welcome back the wonder of darkness for themselves and for the world by going to the Holly Prince and making known their greeting to him.